COVID-19 Resources

Community Connection does not have $1400 prepaid stimulus cards. This is false news that is being spread on various Facebook classified groups.
Individuals experiencing homelessness are eligible to receive stimulus checks even if they lack an address, bank account or a history of paying taxes. To receive the payment, people need to have a valid Social Security number, not be a dependent of another taxpayer and be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien, according to the Internal Revenue Service.
If someone lacks a bank account, then they can receive the payment via a check or a debit card. However, they will need an address for either option to be mailed to. This could be a P.O. box, a homeless shelter address, an address of a friend or family member, or an address of a religious organization that agrees to accept mail on others’ behalf.
Individuals will need to file a 2020 income tax return, even if they have no income to report, or if they don’t have prior tax returns on file. The IRS does offer a free filing service, but people will need internet access via a computer or smartphone to complete the online forms.
Community Connection can simply provide access to a computer to file a tax return. We do not offer tax preparation services or advice.