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Capital Campaign Announcement

Our challenge has not been a shortage of food, but a lack of warehouse space.


This has never been more true than now during the COVID-19 emergency food crisis we’re currently facing. A lack of warehouse capacity, especially for perishable goods, limits our ability to distribute food in a timely way to feed Northeast Oregon’s hungriest families, seniors, and children.


Additionally, we are losing our current building on July 31, 2021.


To continue serving Northeast Oregon, we have purchased a new facility! We need funds to retrofit our newly purchased building in order to use it as a food bank.


Our new building will give us more than six times the amount of space!


We will be able to install much larger coolers and freezers to increase the variety and amount of food we can accept, store, and distribute.

Northeast Oregon’s new

Food Distribution Center



Purchasing the new food distribution center, along with the cost of renovations, totals just under $1.3 million.


We have raised $531,500 of the $744,500 needed for required site improvements, necessary structural changes, and installation of commercial freezers and coolers.


Renovations started on April 1, 2021, but we still must raise $213,000 in order to complete the project.


These items include fencing and gate, generator, plumbing, underground electrical, gas and electric service to storage units, exterior painting, and the remodeling work currently underway.

We hope you

will consider

helping us

work towards

our goal of a


and healthier

Northeast Oregon.

To learn more about supporting Northeast Oregon Regional Food Bank contact:

Margaret Davidson

Executive Director

Community Connection of Northeast Oregon, Inc.



Audrey Smith

Food Bank Manager

Northeast Oregon Regional Food Bank