Board of Directors

As of July 1, 2018

Public Sector                        County                        End of Term 

Paul Castilleja                        Wallowa                       Indefinite

Bruce Nichols                         Baker                          Indefinite

Steve McClure                        Union                          Indefinite

Scott W. Myers                       Grant                          Indefinite


Low-Income Sector              County                       End of Term      

Joe Adamson                         Baker                          06-30-19

Jan Ensign                             Grant                          10-31-19

Cami Miller                            Union                          10-31-20

Barbara Roberts                     Wallowa                      10-31-19

James Stivers                         Wallowa                      10-31-19


Private Sector                       County                       End of Term                

Al Altnow                               Grant                         01-31-20

Tom Hiatt                               Union                        06-30-19

Roswitha Parks                       Wallowa                     06-30-19


Fiscal Year 2019 Officers

Board Chairman                               Steve McClure

Vice Chairman                                  Scott W. Myers

Secretary                                         Joe Adamson

Executive Committee Member            James Stivers

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