Baker County Rides to Wellness


What is Rides to Wellness ?
This program is intended to provide demand response transportation to medical care, and related wellness appointments, and bridge the coverage gap between Medicaid/OHP and those who can afford, or access to, private transportation.
Program goals include improved access to primary and urgent care, fewer missed appointments, less preventable use of the Emergency Room, and reduced preventable hospitalization.
Who is Eligible ?
Residents of Baker County are eligible to apply for this service. Eligibility is determined on a trip-by-­trip basis: • If the trip is not covered by Medicaid nor Medicare, and • the applicant is prevented from obtaining transportation by other means, and • the purpose of the trip is medical or health-related.
How It Works
Access our services by calling (541) 523-7433. If you are Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan (OHP) eligible, you will be routed through the Medicaid Brokerage Ride Center and should call 1-877-875-4657 instead. Call takers are available Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Rides within Baker City must be called in 4 hours in advance. Rides to other areas should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Ride reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance.



How Much Does it Cost?

The one-way fare co-pays are:

  • • Within cities – $2
  • • Tier I: 0 – 25 mi. one way – $5
  • • Tier 2: 25-50 mi. one way – $10
  • • Tier 3: 5 1-80 mi. one way – $15
  • • Tier 4: 81-150 mi. one way – $25

(for round-trip, double the amounts) Note: Service is limited to 150 miles.


Care Attendants & Companions


A spouse or family member may only ride for free if they are a personal care attendant. If they are riding for their own medical care, they are subject to the fare structure of the Rides to Wellness program which can be detailed upon request.  We welcome your service animal and/or personal care attendant, but does ask that you disclose this information at the time you schedule your ride.  Any animal other than a service animal (as determined by the American’s with Disabilities Act) must be contained within a certified pet carrier. Any animal must be kept with owner at all times. It is not the drivers’ responsibility to care for animals during appointments.


Scheduling a Ride


Call 541-523-7433 between 8am – 12:30pm, and I :30 – 4pm, Monday through Friday.  Be prepared to provide your phone number, pick-up and drop-off addresses; the reason for your appointment; the time of your appointment; and how long you expect the appointment to last.  If it is your first time contacting us, we will need additional information to determine your eligibility for the trip you wish to schedule.