Complaint Procedure

Northeast Oregon Public Transit informs passengers about out Title VI obligation on our bus shelter, in our vehicles, at our transit hub, on this web site and in many of our regular published materials.

We have established a formal procedure for handling and tracking Title VI complaints. The full procedure is detailed in the Title VI Complaint Booklets in the Publications tab (Spanish and English). Complaints can also be filed online. Large print and alternative formats are available upon request.

How NEOTransit Responds to Title VI Complaints:

Receiving Manager logs the complaint into our Title VI Register and assigns a case number

Receiving Manager determines the jurisdiction of the complaint.
If a complaint comes from any agency or jurisdiction we’re not responsible for, the receiving Manager will not the Title VI Register and make his or her best effort to connect the complainant with the correct authority.

The receiving Manager will mail, email, fax or in a fashion appropriate to the manner in which the complaint is presented, provide a written acknowledgement that the complaint was received including the case number.

Within seven (7) calendar days from the log date, the jurisdictional Manager will investigate the full complaint including (but not limited to):
​Clarifying questions with the complainant
Interviewing staff alleged to be involved
Inquiring with witnesses to the alleged event(s)
Consult with local and state Civil Rights expers
Follow up conversations with the complaintant
Within ten (10) calendar days from the log date, the jurisdictional Manager will provide the respondent(s) with a written account of the allegation(s). The respondent(s) will have ten (10) calendar days from the date of notification to accept the account of events or furnish his or her response

Within thirty (30) days from the log date, the jurisdictional Manager will take all corrective actions deemed to be necessary and appropriate.

Within sixty (60) days from the log date, the jurisdictional Manager will forward the final investigative report to the complainant(s), respondent(s), ODOT Public Transit and the FTA Office of Civil Rights.

If a complainant is not satisfied with the result of an investigation, he or she may appeal to the Federal Transit Administration’s Office of Civil Rights.

On an annual basis, Northeast Oregon Public Transit will submit copies of it’s Title VI logs, complaints, investigations, mediations and/or legal actions to ODOT Public Transit.