Regional Mobility Options


Use this tool to arrange a carpool with others in your area to make a regular journey, such as going to work. You can also use this tool to track money saved and carbon emissions reduced. Throughout the year there are also competitions centered around utilizing options other than single occupancy vehicle travel.

Cabs and Shuttles for Hire

ARC Cab Company

804 Jefferson Avenue

La Grande, Oregon

(541) 663-0572

Baker Cab Company

2310 Church Street

Baker, Oregon

(541) 523-6070

DC Shuttle

403 First Street

La Grande, OR 97850

(541) 962-5340


InterCity and InterState


Grant County Transportation District

229 NE Dayton Street

John Day, OR 97845

(541) 575-2370


Moffit Brothers, LLC

Lostine, OR 97857

(541) 569-2284


Commercial Air Service

Seaport Airlines

Pendleton, Oregon

(888) 573-2767

Mid Columbia Bus Company

1901 Jefferson Avenue

La Grande, OR 97850



Medical Transit

Do you need non emergency medical transportation? If you’re on Medicaid or Oregon Health Plan, door to door access may be available free of charge.

Call the Medical Transportation Program toll free 877-875-4657.


Not on Medicaid or Oregon Health Plan? Door to Door medical transportation in Union County may still be available. Please inquire at Union County Public Transit: 541-963-2877. Hit the 2 key when you hear the automated attendant to talk to a live staff member. Ask for the Rides to Wellness program!

Travel Agent

Alegre Travel

1307 Adams Avenue

La Grande, Oregon 97850

(541) 963-9000

(800) 323-7330

Baker Valley Travel

2585 Sixth Street

Baker City, Oregon 97814

(541) 523-9353

(877) 550-9353


Greyhound Bus Lines

2204 East Penn Avenue

La Grande, OR 97850

(541) 963-5165

Kayak Public Transit

46411 Timine Way

Pendleton, OR 97801

(541) 429-7519


Charter and Excursion Services

Eagle Cap Excursion Train

Elgin, OR 97850

(541) 963-1001 Attn: Commissioner Davidson