Rides to Wellness is a collaborative Community Incentive Grant project of Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization and ODOT Public Transit.
Ride to Wellness is a second phase demonstration project intended to provide demand response access to medical care. Program goals include improved access to primary and urgent care, fewer missed appointments, less (preventable) use of the Emergency Room, and reduced (preventable) hospitalization. WE KEEP ALL INFORMATION CONFIDENTIAL.
While Public Transit offers the backbone of the system, private taxis and contract couriers have been invited to participate. A fuel voucher program has also been developed. The method of passenger delivery is based on provider availabilty, what is most medically appropriate, and what is the most cost effective.
Passengers can access network services by calling (541) 963-2877 or toll free at (855) 317-4286. Medicaid and Oregon Health Plan recipients are routed through the regional medical brokerage, which can be reached directly at (877) 875-4657. The cost of the trip for everyone else will be covered by this project while resources last.
Call takers and ride schedulers are available Monday through Friday 7:30 amd to 5:30 pm. Rides can be scheduled almost any time a medical appointment is made, however for the ease of accomodation please call us no later than an hour before your appointment when making a same day reservation. Ride reservations can be schedule up to 14 days in advance.
When you call for an appointment, please have the following information available:
                 * Your name, home address, and phone number
                 * Your complete appointment, including doctor’s name and phone number (if known)
                 * Your appointment time and date
                 * Approximate length of your appointment (If known)
If your plans change, please call us right away as we may be able to clear your reservation for another rider. If you need to cancel outside of office hours, please leave a voicemail.
It is the the goal of this program to respond to ride requests from La Grande/ Island City within an hour or less and in bedroom communities (such as Union, Elgin, Cove, or North Powder) in 90 minutes of less.
Rides to Wellness features a broad range of passenger accessibility options including: Sedans, ADA Accessible Mini Cans, and a Stretcher Car. However, none of the program’s providers have medical professionals on staff. We are not an appropriate option for medical emergencies that require care in route.
There is a fare required for Rides to Wellness services. When traveling within Union County the cost is $3 for each ride ($6 round trip if it is a simple trip with no add ons). If you are traveling in La Grande ONLY the fare is $2 ($4 round trip).
Rides to Wellness welcomes your service animal and/or personal care attendant. One quick caveat… A service animal is defined as having been individually trained to perform tasks to accomodate an individual with a disability. The Americans with Disabilties Act considered companion and comfort animals to be pets- sorry, we cannot transport pets.
If you’ll be riding with a care provider or service animal, please advise the rider scheduler whenbooking your reservation so we can send the most appropriate provider and vehicle with sufficient capacity.
This service is designed primarily to serve Union County. If you have an access need outside of Union County we may still be able to assist. Please call for more information.
Trips are provided on an origin-to-destination basis. For some riders that means curb-to-curb, for others it may mean door-to-door. We can even escort riders into the waiting room at the clinic; however, we are unable to enter you dwelling.