The Union County Public Transit Advisory Council was authorized by the Community Connection of Northeast Oregon, Inc. Board of Directors upon adoption of the Union County Title VI Policy (October 2013).

Officially formed in February 2014, the Council features intentional diversity of ethnicity, age, gender, level of physical ability, socioeconomics and geography within the served jurisdiction.  It also features designated seats for Eastern Oregon University, Commerce and Industry, Bicycle-Pedestrian and Medical Community stakeholders.

The Council receives broad delegation to direct the delivery of Public Transporation in Union County up to a Major Change threshold (which requires consideration from the Board).  A Major Change is defined as a reduction or increase of 25% or more in total vehicle revenue service miles or hours in any specific route or mode as measured over a one month period.  Specifically exempted from this definition are:

  • Changes to a service on a route with an average of fewer than 10 trips per month over the most recent 12 months
  • The introduction (or discontinuation) of short or limited term service.  Examples include:
    • Promotional or demonstration projects
    • Seasonal routes
    • Event drive services (such as the Union County Fair)
    • Emergency services
    • Route modification to mitigate construction or unavoidable barriers
  • Routes or services that have been replaced by another mode or provider