How It Works

Access Veteran Rides to Wellness by calling (541) 963 2877 or toll free at (855) 317-4286. If you are Medicaid or Oregon Health Plan eligible, you will be routed through the ride center instead and should call (877) 875-4657.

Call takes are available Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Rides can be scheduled at almost any time a medical appointment is made. Reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance. Please try to give at least 24 hours notices when scheduling.

Veteran Rides to Wellness features a broad range of passengers accessibility options including: sedans, ADA Accessible Mini Vans, and a Stretcher Car. However, we do not provide medically trained staff in route, and should not be called in the case of a medical emergency.

How Do I Qualify

In order to qualify for Veteran Rides to Wellness you must:

Be a veteran, and be able to provide documentation such as your VA ID or your DD214, and;
Not be eligible for the VA Mileage Reimbursement Program, or;
Be eligible for the VA Mileage Reimbursement Program, but not have a working vehicle, not have a vehicle that can accommodate your mobility device, not be able to legally drive, or have a doctor’s note saying you cannot safely drive after the medical procedure you are going to

Eiligibility Requirements for the VA Mileage Reimbursement Program

A Veteran with a service connected (SC) injure rating 30% or more
Traveling out fo the area for an SC condition rated 10% or higher
Receiving a VA pension rate
Those classified as being in Category 5 Poverty (set federally and subject to change, but currently less than $1436 per month)
Traveling for a schedule compensation or pension
*If you meet this criteria ^^ you are not eligible for our program*

Special Information

Veteran Rides to Wellness welcomes your service animal and/or personal care attendant, but does ask that you disclove this information at the time you schedule your ride. A spouse or family member may only ride for free if they are a personal care attendant. If they are riding for their own medical care, they are subject to the fare structure of the Rides to Wellness origram which can be detailed upon request.

One quick caveat… a service animal is defined as haing been individually trained to perform tasks to accommodate an individual with a disability. The Americans with Disabilites Act considered companion and comfort animals to be pets– sorry, we cannot transport pets…


This service is designed primary to serve Union County residents within Union County and Baker County residents within Baker County. Trips outside of area are allowable but more difficult to accomodate quickly, and the first to be curtailed as funds dwindle. Trips are provided on an origin-to-destination basis. For some reiders that means curb-to-curb, and for others it may mean door-to-door. The default services is curb-to-curb, so please advise your trip scheduler of your level of need as soon as possible. We can even escort riders into the waiting room of a clinic. However, we cannot enter your home or go beyond the waiting room of a medical establishment.

Additionally, Union County will not deliver trips to Walla Walla’s VA clinic on Monday as there is already a van traveling there. We will however help schedule you a seat in that van. If you are non-ambulatory we will deliver the ride with our services instead.