Weatherization Assistance Program

What is the program?


The home Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is able to improve comfort, energy efficiency, and safety for low-income residents. Qualified, selected applicants can expect a full home weatherization audit. Our auditors inspect everything from your crawlspace to your attic and every space in between. Auditors will inspect heat systems, insulation, air infiltration, combustion appliances, refrigerator energy usage, some aspects of air quality especially carbon monoxide, and give energy-related education to help the homeowner live more comfortably and efficiently.


Weatherization measures to be performed on each home are determined by a computerized auditing tool. This auditing tool determines what measures (i.e. insulation, duct sealing, furnace replacement) will be cost effective based on information gathered during the audit and your actual energy usages.


What about windows?


This is not a window program. High-cost items such as windows and doors are not commonly cost effective and therefore not a significant energy-saving weatherization measure.


This program is suited to both stick-built and mobile homes.

Home Crawlspace Before

Home Crawlspace After

Where is the service provided?


This program is available throughout Union, Wallowa, Baker and Grant Counties.

Who is eligible?


Current income is the main determining factor for eligibility. Applicants may own or rent their current homes. Landlord approval is required for applicants living in rental properties. Financial participation is strongly encouraged by landlords.

How to apply?


Download and print application. [click here for application] Send completed form to:

Community Connection of Northeast Oregon
2802 Adams Avenue
La Grande, Oregon 97850


Due to the large number of applicants for this program, potential clients may wait for several years before receiving weatherization assistance. The prioritization of waiting lists is based on U.S. Department of Energy guidelines that place greater weight on lower levels of income, the disability of individuals, and senior status.



When is the program available?


The home Weatherization Assistance Program is available year-round while funding is available.



Why is the program available?


Many homes in eastern Oregon are old and in poor repair. Typically homes that are in poor repair are also inefficient to heat and sometimes unsafe. Most people, and contractors for that matter, do not have the knowledge, skills or test equipment to properly analyze and weatherize a home.

Energy Education

Just as a fuel-efficient car can be “gas hog” when driven hard, a weatherized home can still be inefficient if not used correctly. For example: opening up a window to regulate temperature of your home in winter rather than turning down the thermostat would not be the most efficient practice. While most of us know that the above example is quite obvious, there are several other ways a homeowner can reduce energy costs in their homes.


As part of the Weatherization Assistance Program, energy education is provided to give the homeowner helpful tips and suggest lifestyle changes that can improve comfort and safety while reducing energy costs to homeowner. Homeowners will also be provided with energy saving items such as CFL light bulbs, low-flow shower and faucet heads, window covers when available. All homes will be provided a carbon monoxide alarm.

Brief Overview of the Process

More Information


For more information on the home Weatherization Assistance Program visit the following


Oregon Housing and Community Services


US Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program