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Powerful Tools for Caregivers

This workshop series is led by two trained leaders and provides information for the family caregiver on the necessity of taking care of his/her self before they them self become ill. Classes are one day per week for six weeks, 1 ½ hours each class and include: 


  • Week 1: Introduction, Self –Care Principles, Caregiving Challenges, Action Plan
  • Week 2: Identifying Signs and Reducing Stress, Using Positive Self-Talk, Action Plan
  • Week 3: Communicating Concerns and Feelings, I/You Messages, Muscle Relaxation, Action Plan
  • Week 4: Communication in Challenging Situations: Assertive, Aikido, DESC, Setting Limits, Guided Imagery, Action Plan
  • Week 5: Understanding and Learning from Emotions, Dealing with Anger, Action Plan
  • Week 6: Mastering Caregiving Decisions: Family Meetings and Future Planning, Action Plan


For more information please call our Senior Services Manager at 541-963-3186,